Joshua Ryan Labkoff

יהושע ראובן
בר מצוה

You might be wondering why there is a lizard as part of Josh's bar mitzvah invitation.  In addition to being a soccer player and a diver, many of you know, Josh is known to spend a considerable amount of his free time in search of frogs, snakes and any manner of reptile or amphibian.


Over the years, our house has home to lizards, snakes, frogs, tadpoles, newts, salamanders, bugs, hermit crabs, among other things. It was only in the past two years that we moved up to mammals with Perry the Cat.


The theme of the bar mitzvah is about a trip we are going to be taking as a family late in December.  Since Josh was very small, he's been interested in seeing Sea Iguanas jumping off the cliffs in the Galapagos Islands.  For a combination of Steve's 50th birthday and the bar mitzvah, we decided to take that trip to see these and other beasties in their native environment.


We will also be taking the opportunity to learn about Charles Darwin and the evolution.  We will be leaving on a 10 day trip on December 27th.  We hope that, in addition to his hard work preparing for his bar mitzvah, we all learn about nature in this very unique way.


The Galapagos are home to the Blue Footed Boobie (seen above).

One of the signature animals of the Galapagos, the Giant Tortoise